Every few years somthing BIG comes along...
Create the Ultimate Sales Tool!
DMC’s Hi Def LCD Video Cards
Create the ultimate sales tool by bringing your Printed Visual Aids, Brochures and
Case Histories to life with DMC’s amazing new portable video tool! DMC’s video
cards feature hi-definition LCD video displays, embedded into durable
cardboard-based presentations of all shapes and size.


Watch the video above to see the video card in action

Point of Purchase or
Waiting Room Video Displays
Add Video to your
Core Visual Aids

Bring Mailers and Leave-
Behinds to Life with Video
Add Video and Animation
to Your Case Histories

Add Video to Your Doseage
and Administration Instructions
Add Video Instructions to
Clinical Investigator Kits

The Next BIG Marketing Disruptor

  • Brings Visual Aids & Brochures to life
  • Perfect for 3-D Animations, Case Histories & Testimonial Videos.
  • Eliminates the need for distribution of expensive iPads & Tablets
  • Ideal for Waiting Room & Pharmacy Displays
  • Inexpensive design and production
  • Rechargeable and updatable via USB port
  • Eliminates possible computer platform compatibility issues
  • Multiple languages WITHOUT European/Asian video format issues
  • Plays multiple videos with control of key video playback functions

DMC can create new animations or videos for you,
or repurpose your existing materials.

In addition to our video cards DMC also creates
  • Interactive Video-Based Case Histories
  • Patient Testimonial Videos
  • 3-D Animation (MOA and Disease State)
  • Interactive Reprints
  • Interactive Posters/Abstracts
  • Interactive Training Modules
  • Interactive Preceptorships
  • Actual & Virtual Advisory Board Meeting Management and Vetting/
    Recruitment of Board Members


Watch our demo reel below

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